What we do.

The services we offer at Saerd.

Soil Health & Mobile Soil Lab.

  • Soil health is important biological integrity of the soil community; the balance among organisms within a soil and between soil organisms and their environment. We carry-out field survey, Soil and water tests to; 1.Assess the soil nutrient requirements and organic matter for soil fertility. 2. Physical and geotechnical properties for irrigation design & scheduling. 3. Improve on soil & water quality.

Climate SMART Solutions.

  • Climate change is a real problem that cannot be avoided and must be tackled now to build in the future. The challenges in Agriculture, Water, Environment, is our opportunity for developing knowledge and integral solutions for society development. Our drivers for Climate SMART Solution

Rural Development .

  • The quality of life and economic well being of rural folks is vital. We develop avenues for training and extension programs of SMART technologies in rural areas working with stakeholders; Women, Youths, and different organizations, institutions, NGOs and CBO for improving rural livelihood.