Waste Management and Agriculture

In this program we work with rural communities to join efforts in rehabilitating the degraded soil resources with the end goal of improving community needs and livelihoods. With the rising levels of degradation and loss of green cover from trees and other vegetation from wetlands, many local people in rural villages are facing high levels of crop failure, loss of livestock due to drought conditions.
Waste; “The un exploited gold mine behind water and solid waste in Africa, wealth unknown”. Globalization is known to affect peoples’ consumption, usage of solid materials that eventually results huge solid wastes. Municipal solid wastes (MSW) are waste generated every day.

They are also simply known as garbage or trash to many, yet to Saerd Centre its opportunities and gold mine of wealth. Therefore, aspire to develop ways for management of biomass and waste in both urban and rural areas and Agriculture water sectors, turning it to soil, fertilizer and energy.

Issues to address:
    • Waste biomass management around cities
    • Use of unsafe and inefficient energy options used in the community
    • High the rate of natural resource loss and degradation of farmland resources.
    • Food insecurity among rural farmer families.
    • The loss of farm trees which raises the need to encroach on natural forests for wood fuel and other purposes.
    • Ensuring self-sustaining livelihood of poor farmer families

Our tasks include design, train and carry out programs such as:
    • Designing water, soil conservation action plans
    • Integrated Waste management and Agriculture
    • Developing sustainable solutions for local environmental issues
    • Develop and share Sustainable farming practices
    • Community participation in tree planting campaigns
    • sensitizing local people on climate change effects and adaptation approaches 


This is environmental program that aims to create more sustainable communities through the active involvement of young people. The green office Model is to empower different stakeholders, institutions and communities to act on sustainability. Working with young adults and women in different institutions we engage with the environment through outdoor conservation activities.

Young people plant trees in schools and communities, students/pupils raise school tree nurseries and distribute seedlings to the community to plant for free and thus making their communities greener and more sustainable

Our tasks include:
    • Education on environment protection, growing healthier food in school gardens, and best farming practices.
    • design school parks and green office Model in institutions
    • Establish orchards with students/ pupils (fruit tree gardens) Eco-institutions
    • Develop an outdoor curriculum for sports, scouts, etc.

Issues to address:
    • Environmental sanitation various institutions such as schools
    • Soil erosion control in their compounds and school gardens
    • Bare school compounds with limited vegetation.
    • Tree planting



AFull details about Saerd Centre can be found in comprehensive documentation package available for free download.

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