Climate change is not only a topic of politicians’ concern, but a responsibility of humankind. it is a real problem that cannot be avoided and must be tackled now to build in the future. 

Climate action in Agriculture

The potential of Agriculture is a ‘’common thread for sustainable development’’ that can enable achievement of 2030 agenda and its sustainable Development goals. It’s of no doubt that its impacts most directly on SDGs 2(zero hunger) with its focus to achieve other SDGs (1) and (3). There are adverse climate impacts being reflected through Storms, increased prolonged intermittent droughts and extreme high temperatures event resulting into water scarcity in many parts of Uganda affecting Smallholder farmers, poor rural people and ecosystems. This is evident with marked dry seasons especially in December to March and July august.

Further the Climate threat continuous to severely affected Agriculture, the sector which is the backbone of the many African economies, Uganda’s economy inclusive.  for example, climate change has contributed to crop failure and at least 1.3 million people in various parts of the East African nation need food aid urgently after a dry spell decimated harvest. Meanwhile, the loss and damage caused by climate change are constantly adding to the price tag of economic development which also undermine the ability for Uganda to achieve Vision 2040, hinders crop production that support the growing population projection of 9.8 billion by 2050 according to United Nations Organization.

Therefore, developing and Integrating the knowledge on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies in agriculture and environment such as nature conservation, organic agricultural practices, water harvesting, soil and water management and conservation strategies, effective water use strategies for dry season agriculture, resistant seed varieties would reduce climate effects, build resilience and awareness especially in rural parts of Africa. This will help to attain several Sustainable development goals such as Zero hunger, No poverty and good health, etc



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