We are a Professional Agricultural and Environmental Technology Company established in Uganda’s Agricultural environment. We bring vast experience and expertise in many spheres of sustainable agriculture, Irrigation and water resource management, Aquaculture, environment conservation, Waste and biomass management in Africa. We offer unique sustainable and comprehensive appropriate solutions with best state-of-art technology taking into considerations climatic, sustainable development and market dynamisms in Uganda and across the globe.


To contribute to sustainable management and use of natural resources through innovations and technology


To develop innovative solutions and provide practical skills, training and consultancy holistic services.


to be A leading organization in providing appropriate practical skills/training and consultancy-service programs


We develop innovative solutions and provide vast practical solutions, skills, training, and consultancy holistic based services in Sustainable Agriculture, Greenhouse farming, Irrigation and water resource development, Aquaculture, environmental conservation and waste management in Uganda. We also provide vast knowledge and guidance in inclusive applied research, innovation and proposal writing in Business projects and technical areas.

- Trustworthy: We believe that trust is the heart bit of successful organizations.
- Team work: We believe that team spirit at every level of operation with stakeholders plus active participation is driver for community development through innovations
- Integrity and reliability: Saerd Centre believes in honesty, upholding of high ethical and moral standards, transparency to our members, partners, and stakeholders.
- Accountability & Responsibility: We also believe that accountability is responsibility that feeds trust.
- Understanding of rural and nature challenges: We believe that understanding the rural challenges is stepping stone to innovations, creativity and applied research for technology development. This enhance rural developments



AFull details about Saerd Centre can be found in comprehensive documentation package available for free download.

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