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Green House Farming

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Fish Farming

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Soil Health & Mobile Soil Lab

Soil health is important biological integrity of the soil community; the balance among organisms within a soil and between soil organisms and their. Read more..

Climate SMART Solutions

Climate change is a real problem that cannot be avoided and must be tackled now to build in the future. The challenges in Agriculture, Water, Env. Read more..

Welcome To Saerd

The quality of life and economic well being of rural folks is vital. We develop avenues for training and extension programs of SMART technologies in.. Read more

Welcome To Saerd

The quality of life and economic well being of rural folks is vital. We develop avenues for training and extension programs of SMART technologies in.. Read more

Welcome to Saerd Centre Limited

At Saerd Centre Ltd, we believe that innovations are vital for development of appropriate technologies, creation of new industries and industrial transformation for smart society in Africa. We therefore, bring a vast experience, ideas, solutions and reach of thousands of scientists through collaborations across the globe. Our latest technologies and innovations emerge from the highly skilled training and expertise gained, vast network by our team from different advanced countries such as Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Germany etc.
Therefore, to translate the knowledge and skills with local communities in Africa for rural development, we call for partnership and mobilize ground network, facilitate and do research, induce innovations by zooming into the untapped rich potential in various sectors of Africa for industrial, economic and rural development. This is a common thread for Sustainable development. To us, Challenges are the missed solutions that meets our innovations for growth of African sectors.

Our Mission

To develop unique innovative appropriate solutions and offer practical skills, training and consultancy holistic services in a bid to combat agricultural and environmental challenges in Uganda & Africa.

Our Vision Statement

To contribute to sustainable management and use of natural resources, poverty eradication, improved lively-hood and employment opportunities through innovations & SMART technologies.

Core values

We believe that trust is the heart bit of successful organizations.

Team work:
We believe that team spirit at every level of operation with stakeholders plus active participation is driver for and community development.

Integrity and reliability:
Saerd Centre believes in honesty, upholding of high ethical and moral standards, transparency to our members, partners, and stakeholders.

Accountability & Responsibility:
We also believe that accountability is responsibility that feeds trust for quality work.

Kaizen and Innovative Solutions:
We believe that understanding the agricultural and environmental challenges is stepping stone to innovations, creativity and applied research for creation of new industry

Why Saerd Centre Company

1. Opportunities to learn and grow
We are ready to work and grow with clients in their business projects. Help our employees grow by promoting their strength. Challenges are a great tool for our development.

2. Excellence
We bring innovative solutions & SMART technologies of great value while sharing a strong belief, passion and faith in our products and re-reflecting on the company mission and vision for improvement.

3. Professionalism.
Our team exhibits high professional conduct, behavior and attitude during work and well with clients or partners. This has led to workplace success, build a strong professional reputation and a high level of work ethic and excellence.

Recent Projects

Irrigation Systems Designs & Installations.

Purpose: Vegetable production, Demonstrations and Training farm

Location: Kapeeka Industrial Park, Nakeseke & Busia District.

Community Fish Pond design & construction.

Purpose: Increase food security and community livelihoods.

Location; Bushenyi, Mukono and Iganga.Size; 300sqm to 1500sqm.

Organic Fertilizer Production & Training in Uganda.

Purpose: Improve soil fertility & soil water conservation, sustainable Land management Approach
Location: Impigi, Kasese, Busia Districts
Size: 8 tons