With our expertise and innovations, we bring smart irrigations and water solutions such as Irrigation, drainage, greenhouse farming and water harvesting technologies. The various irrigation methods are based on the clients’ needs and analysis from our technical team. With this system therefore, the framers are assured of minimum water usage and high productivity. Saerd Uganda undertakes training of our clients, farmers, Ngo’s and other organizations


Drip irrigation; PC driplines, NPC driplines [ thin-walled], button drippers, accessories for smart drip irrigation, Mosarti smart drip kits in quarter acre, one acre,

Sprinklers; overhead sprinklers, under trees sprinklers, accessories for sprinklers

Mini-sprinklers; micro-sprinklers, mist and fog sprinklers, accessories for mini-sprinklers

Landscape and residential; driplines, pop up sprinklers, mini-sprinklers, accessories

Irristand; stand systems

Accessories; filters, valves, automatic filters, controllers

Check out more about Irrigation and Water Resource Management and enjoy how they fulfill your needs!

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AFull details about Saerd Centre can be found in comprehensive documentation package available for free download.

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