Technology and inonvation

At Saerd Uganda, we believe that research, innovation, and extension is critical for sustainable technology development and industrial transformation in Africa. We therefore, bring a vast experience, solutions and reach of thousands of scientists and innovative ideas through collaborations across the globe. Our latest technologies and innovations emerge from the training and expertise gained, vast network by our team from different innovative advanced countries such as Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Germany etc. Therefore, to translate the knowledge and skills with local communities in Africa for rural development, we call for more and mobilize ground network, facilitate and do research, induce innovations by zooming into the untapped rich potential in various sectors of Africa for industrial, economic and rural development. This is a common thread for Sustainable development and its goals.

Innovation is not only technology ideas but combination and building on new ideas, processes and product. We look at how to Change the rule of the game, new way of doing things using creativity and critical analytics. “It’s Only crazy people can change the world”. This is the heart of innovation. With a dedicated research and consultancy unit, we provide consultancy services to a wide range of clients including primary producers, agricultural investors, government agencies, Ngo’s, solar and bio- energy companies and indigenous owned organizations. The main areas include, agricultural, rural development, energy and environment. Consulting work includes due diligence, feasibility studies, business planning and proposal writing, commercial reviews, sector analysis and strategic planning. This is the core of other sections for better management to enhance growth, standards, and quality. Research model; step by step tackling issues from small units and so breaking the bond of challenges to get the ultimate solution at the end of the tunnel

Avenues for innovation

We help to shape youth into successful agribusiness entrepreneurs, support them to access financing, assist them acquire new technologies and innovations, and redesign the curricula to make education responsive to the market needs and trends. Supports to Incubate youth adult innovative ideas, innovations and technologies from research to commercialization. Supports applied research, technology development and transfer as driver to Agricultural and rural development, green cities, climate change mitigation and adaptation.

    1.Youth and women in innovation
    2.Simulate innovations in senior high schools
    3.Link for Development of human capital
    4.Smallholder farmers in Agriculture
    5.Industrial development
    6.Different sectors



AFull details about Saerd Centre can be found in comprehensive documentation package available for free download.

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